Everything needed to build medical AI

Data sourcing, data annotation/management software, and annotation services for medical AI development, all in one product.

Introducing Aorta

One place for multiple sources of medical data.

A Federated Medical Dataset marketplace

We’re connecting medical data sources around the world to AI developers who need them – without violating patient privacy.

Quality training data is the lifeblood of your algorithm. Aorta is the source.

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Product Features

Solutions for every step of development

Federated Data Market

Buy and sell datasets and annotations. Enable federated learning on your datasets and generate passive revenue.

Meditate AI AnnotatOR

Powerful data annotation and management software built for training medical machine learning models.

Annotation Services

Access our pre-trained network of medical data annotation teams to convert your raw data into high quality training data.

“Meditate AI has been very helpful in filtering the high quality images and identifying abnormal findings in those images. This has saved us many hours of monotonous and laborious effort.”

Therese L. Canares, MD
Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

How our ecosystem works

Before your AI can start learning, you must...

Find a dataset large enough to build your model on.

Medical data is tightly controlled. Obtaining it means navigating through regulations, review boards, and data silos. You might have some data of your own, but want a lot more to train an accurate model. With Aorta, we can help find the data you need.

Have annotation software to transform raw medical data into quality training data.

Even with a good dataset, you need to find a a way to manage and annotate your files. You can program your own solution, but that might not be viable. You aren’t sure which software on the market can handle your needs; it seems like there are as many obscure filetypes for medical data out there as there are annotation tools! MAIA can do everything for you, in one package.

Hire, train, manage, and pay a team of annotators, then wait for them to finish annotating.

Having great data and great software doesn’t guarantee a good algorithm. The process of managing annotators can be expensive, exhausting, and time consuming. There are always outsourcing options, but the quality and medical expertise of these companies varies. We offer annotation training and certification for your workers, or access to our pre-trained network of data annotators to suit your needs.

after training your model…

Leverage your annotated data.

let your valuable data earn you more

Aorta is not just a place for data sourcing. Once you’ve trained your model, it’s time to visit our marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade your data.

Earn passive income by allowing other researchers and developers to train their models on your data using our federated learning marketplace. Retain privacy and control of your data while others pay to train their models on it. Earn passively and privately while helping others.

Proud cohort member of the Johns Hopkins I-Corps Program, developed by the National Science Foundation.

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